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Who are Actions Paintball?
Actions Paintball is independently owned and operated, 100% Kiwi and not affiliated with any other paintballing operation. We've been providing great Paintball experiences for 17 years, built on professional experience & ongoing enthusiasm for a great sport.
How old do you have to be to play?
Here at Actions Paintball you have to be age 11 years or over to be able to play. No upper age limit! If you're coming along to celebrate your 11th Birthday,in you own private game, it's OK if you're technically still 10 and if some of your friends are also 10-nearly-11. All Players and particularly the youngest players must be able to fit the protective goggles correctly - we do have small sized goggles but if they don't fit securely  you can't play (safety first rule).

What shall I wear?

It is recommended that you wear robust but loose & light old clothing which covers both arms and legs. Polar Fleece & thermal garments are not recommended as you'll overheat. Jeans may restrict your movement. If you hire our overalls, any light clothing underneath is good, even shorts & T-shirts. Suitable closed shoe footwear.should be worn with a good sole & firm fit (no sandals, jandals or heels). We recommend a sturdy, good soled sports shoe.or boot. If you're a rugby or soccer player, your cleated boots are also a good choice.

Does it hurt?
Hmm. Pain is a relative thing - but at Actions, it’s all about  “Getting the flag without being tagged!” Some say it’s a bit like being flicked by a tea-towel – a momentary sting, then you forget about it as you carry on with the play. Paintball is a non-contact sport, the players don’t physically engage – however you are likely to be targeted  by a speeding paintball and this can cause a small welt or bruise. They soon go away,  but the memories of a great game go on and players come back for more. So it’s not so bad. Sometimes you don’t even get a mark on you– but to be honest most players go away happy to have at least one – and that includes the younger players too!
How long does a game last?
As long as you like! No matter what game packs you initially  purchase, you can always purchase extra reloads to continue play. We don’t limit the time you’re on the field – unless it gets dark and we can’t see you  and you can’t see each other. Shots in the dark, we don’t do! . All games will be wrapped up by sunset at the very latest.
When are you open?
We can take your booking for any day except Christmas Day.  So Monday through to Sunday, rain or shine, dawn to dusk - game-on at Actions!
I’m keen – but a bit nervous. I’ve never played before!
Many of our players have never played before! Don’t worry – we’ll look after you. All our games are fully refereed by professional, trained refs. We take time to ensure you’re wearing your safety equipment properly and show you how to use the equipment correctly. We’ll explain how each game works and encourage you to get into the play and have a great time.  Read our Tips & Tricks, Rules or Equipment pages and come prepared with an advantage!
I’m unable to get a group of 10 or more players together – but I really want to play!
No problems – we have regular Walk-in days at  our Swanson venue in West Auckland.   Click these links to see our information pages for  Scenario Sunday or Terminator Day at Swanson .

Can I bring my own paintballs?
Only our own, unique branded paintballs may be used at Actions Paintball venues. These can only be purchased from us.

Can I bring my own gun (marker)?
Yes! Players with their own equipment are welcome at Actions. But there are some restrictions.

It's raining!  Will you still be open?
Rain or shine, we're still there to run your game or event. Experience has told us that rain comes in patches (or  a day or more later than forecast!) In any case, we generally get & work with, plenty of good breaks in the weather.. Some of our fields have a lot of natural cover but many regular painballers actually enjoy, even sometimes prefer, the  added dimension of rain showers or drizzle to liven up the game. A bit of wet on the ground makes for some great slides between cover!

Cancellations - Terms & Conditions
All bookings are subject to an advanced  deposit of $20 per head to confirm the booking. This can be done by banking the required depost to our account (you recieve the credit back against your game on the day) or providing us with Credit Card* details as security for the deposit. Once your booking is confirmed we organise and mobilise our staff, including referees dedicated to your booking. A $20 per head cancellation fee may be levied (against a paid deposit) or charged (on a Credit Card* provided as deposit security) or invoiced (if a Credit Card* is declined) if you cancel your game or reduce your player numbers to half or less than half of the booked number with less than 24 hours notice or without notifying us at all. Cancellation fees are generally capped at $200 per each full lot of 10 players booked for or $20 per head if less than 10 players were booked.

Credit Card is defined as the Credit Card or Debit Card accepted as deposit security. All major credit cards are accepted: Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Diners Club.

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