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  •     Paintball Goggles must be worn correctly at all times on or near the playing fields.
  •     Make sure that the goggle straps are tight and not loose.
  •     Incorrectly worn, severe eye damage causing blindness can result.
  •     Do not fire at anyone not wearing goggles.


  •     At all times, not actually playing the game, a barrel sock should be placed over the end of
        the barrel to prevent a paintball from being fired accidentally.
  •     Most paintmarkers have a safety switch as well, but if you're not intending to fire, your
        finger should not be on the trigger.
  •     No paintmarker shall be fired outside of (or out of) the playing area.


  •     All players must play in a friendly and sportsmanlike manner.
  •     No physical contact, swearing or other aggressive behaviour is permitted.
  •     No player shall fire upon spectators, referees, wildlife, neutral or eliminated players.
  •     No player is permitted to consume alcohol during, or prior to, the game.