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   (deposit of $20per player for your game is required one week in advance to qualify for all specials)


Organiser Bonus


Organise a minimum of 10 players for any general, social, work or corporate game * and you receive a free upgrade  on your purchased game pack and get the next pack up for no extra cost.

Got a group of 20 or more players? See the Mega Squad Bonus, below!

* If the game is booked as a Birthday or Stag Event,
the Birthday VIP or the Stag gets this '10 player' upgrade instead. See the links below for more information on these events.


Mega Squad Bonus


With groups of 20 or more players, recieve the Organiser Bonus (above) with the first 10 players - then for each additional 10 players in your group, another single upgrade is available!

These upgrades can be passed onto any player and can be used with Student Discount packs.


Student Discounts

  All students age 12+ receive a 10% discount off all upgraded*  game packages. 

There is no upper age limit for students - however, tertiary and adult students should  show a valid Student ID to qualify.

* Upgraded Packs :  Terminator, Mega-Hose Monster, Charlie Foxtrot and Reign of Terror.


Stag Special

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Follow this Stag link for details. Hens, this is for you too! 


Birthday Special

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Follow this Birthday link for details


Corporate Team Events

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Follow this Corporate link for detail


Scenario Wargames


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Follow this Wargame link for detail