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Tips on Equipment and Tactics of play

Keep your Goggles on!






The number one rule about playing paintball is keeping your goggles on. Make no mistake, the paintballs are being fired at 270 feet per second ~200 mph and severe eye damage can result if you aren't correctly wearing your goggles. Tighten you elastic straps to ensure a secure fit.


Steady Shot:

Using the gas bottle like a stock and left hand on the foregrip (if you're right handed) enables you to steady your aim whilst firing. If the marker is not held well, the slightest movement will result in missing your target by metres. Sight down the paintgun, but keeping your focus on the target. Be careful not to contact your goggle lense onto the back of the paintgun. As you fire watch where your paintballs are travelling and adjust you aim accordingly. For moving targets make sure you fire in front of them. If you know where they are trying to reach, like a barricade, shoot low just before the barricade as the running
target will slow and/or slide.


Get a good Breakout.

At the start of the game it is important to gain control over the field and your opponents. Use co-ordinated firepower to suppress your opponents, as this allows your runners to gain more of the field. After the initial breakout, make sure the back players catch up and support those that went forward.

Its Just Spray!

Whilst under fire be aware of paint spraying off your barricade as this doesn't count as a tag. It does also give you warning that they are getting close. After "tucking in" to your barricade, check the front of your paintgun as a hit to your hopper can send spray onto your goggles. Paintgun shots do count as a tag, so don't leave your hopper exposed. If you feel an impact, provided there is reasonable doubt, you can take cover to determine whether the paintball bounced or broke.
Do not fire back until you have checked. Places where you can't directly see can be checked with a finger for paint but not the palm of your gloved hand. Wiping away a tag is a serious penalty and easy to spot by a referee.
Even if it is just spray, don't wipe it off, leave it so the referee can tell the dfference.


Rain or Shine

We play in all kinds of weather. In fact playing in the rain is just as much fun, it allows for good slides and plenty of stealth play. There are a few tricks to keeping the advantage over your opponent: Water and paintballs don't mix well.
Don't open your hopper in the rain, if you need to reload find some shelter and be careful not to let water from your gloves or drips from your goggle go into the hopper. Good traction (rugby boots) helps you manoeuvre and not slip over. If you do slip, don't let the paintgun crash on the ground, as the paintballs in the hopper are fragile.


Keep your hopper lid shut

The paintballs in your hopper can be lost if you don't close the lid correctly. Make it click shut, and use the rubber band. This is likely to happen after you reload if you're not careful.

Avoid picking up paintballs off the ground, if they are wet or have been fired they will contaminate the good paintballs in the hopper and jam the paintgun. Its also a good idea to avoid doing "Commando rolls" as this can result in your paintballs breaking inside your hopper.


Identify your target

Try to identify your target, you are unlikely to hit your opponent if you don't aim, accidentially shooting the referee or your team-mates isn't a good result. Don't try to peer through cracks and shoot around the side of the barricade, if you can't directly see your target...don't pull the trigger.

At close range don't go "over the top" on to your opponent and don't wrap the paintgun around the corner.


Remember: Paintball is all about having fun with your mates, follow the rules and play it safe.



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