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Gift Certificates

No other gift comes close!

A massage or other health treatment is something that is totally unique. By its very nature it is intimate. A true gift of love. It is both relaxing and energising, calming and refreshing, leaving that special person totally at peace with the world. They can't wait to get back to you to tell you about the wonderful gift you gave them and how wonderful you are for thinking of them in this way

Experience giving a gift that works wonders for both the receiver and the giver.

Talk to us today about what you would like for your special person and let us put that together for you.

Not sure ... then lets chat about the options and what might appeal

Email to ellerslie@optiheatlh.co.nz with what you are wanting to do. We cab senbd these gift vouvhchers dirrectly to you or to the recipient with a personal message from you as well

Now...here is something that I think you will like. All our prepay options are transferable. Yes, you read correctly, With all prepay purchases you receive them in gift certificates and they are fully transferable. This means that you can use these as gifts for whom ever. What a perfect way to say " I hope you get better soon" than with a gift of massage  

Anniversaries of all the special moments in life, wedding days and aniversaries, birthdays, Mother's and Father's day. Christmas and New Year, Valentines, Easter. I am sorry, I mucked up days and all of special life moments in between.

A special thank you....you will always be remembered as the giver of a truly special gift.

Always keep these gift certificates on hand, they make truly wonderful gifts to anyone in need of a pick me up or some much needed time out to reset the body and mind.

See Fees Page for values