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Activity and Rest

We are made to be active. One look at the muscular skeletal system confirms this. Inactivity robs life of its vitality and health. Activity is not an option, good health demands it.

The most often used reason for not exercising is time. With the way we run our lives today this will come as no surprise to any one. We have remotes for everything. Now we can arrive home with out having to get out of the car to open the gate or garage door and in new homes to day you are recognised and the software sets to your predetermined requirements. The shopping has been delivered and as you sit to watch the evening news the remote is at hand. Now we have to deliberately set out to exercise the body, something our grandparents laugh about I am sure.

Another reason is that it is not fun or that the gym is boring and frankly, yes it can be!

Time with partner and family seems to get harder and harder to organise.

Why not combine several activities into one. To make the gym less boring and to mix up your programme, build in some outside leisure activity that you both can enjoy and the family. Sports, walking, beaches, parks, camping, boating, back yard play, gardening, you do the home maintenance, walk to the corner store or work. Things to do just are endless and most not only help with activity but also build and grow relationships.

Get out there with friends and family, enjoy nature and what has been provided for us, keep the Gym for wet weather and more intensive work outs. We live in a truly wonderful country, experience it and grow you relationships as well.

Over done the training or just need some time out and a little pampering? Thats what we do, make time to see us. Sounds like a win win to me.