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Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger points are small areas of knotted muscles that are in a continual state of contraction. The pain associated with the area is due to the build up of toxins and or the lack of oxygen. This tension reduces circulation and/or proper nerve function to that area further compounding the issue. It may also impact a different part of the body by constricting blood flow or nerve impulses to other body parts. They are usually painful to pressure and if left untreated can greatly impair proper function and may result in a loss of strength and potentially muscle tissue over time.

Trigger Point therapy is very helpful in treating conditions such as frozen shoulder and neck and can restore the full range of motion to neck, spine and the larger joints in the arms and legs. Fibro myalgia generally responds well to this as well.

Facial Trigger Point therapy may assist in alleviating the distress of hay fever and nervous “ticks”.

The treatment Includes elements of sports massage to identify the Trigger Points. The advantage here is that Trigger Point massage uses a different modality to effect the desired result. It is often a speedier process than massage alone and is often used as an accompaniment to a massage treatment.

Although the body is put together in much the same way for each of us, every body reacts differently to a complaint and its treatment. The exact course of treatment for each person will not be known until the issue(s) are found. All treatments are customised to each client. This ensures the best outcome for you in the shortest time possible.






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